Sissy Husband’s Humiliation & Punishment

I don’t really care for F/m gender humiliation but I know the guys who like it hunger for the images desperately.


































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29 comments to Sissy Husband’s Humiliation & Punishment

  • komaungwinn

    that pictures are my dreams, i like very much & i want to see more, thank you

  • Steve Polarski

    I love pictures of the male feminized and restrained. The bullwhip training is really good.

  • Maxim

    These drawings were originally done for a friend, but eventually were used on the old Erotic Fantasies site along with the work of Chris of England. Glad to see some folks enjoyed them.



  • Lobojack

    Just discovered Maxim as an artist. He is excellent. Just the world I would like to live in forever !

  • Namio Subject

    Is there a source for more of these marvellous drawings by Maxim? They really are something special, and I would love to see more – perhaps with accompanying text? They look like they are part of a story.

  • tweeney28

    Brilliant, great art work… every aspect. Many thanks

  • Jake Golden

    This type of art is what really turns on a submissive sissy like myself. lol To be tied and whipped by a lady while dressed in garterbelt, hose and heels and then being watched by another lady as you are punished is a very enjoyable and erotic fantasy.

  • Elaine

    I love any thing to do with female domination and forcing men to be dressed as sissys, my dream!!

  • JimBow

    I’m with Jake on how powerful a fetish being tied up in female undergarments can be while taking a whipping. Have not experienced it yet but it always me a good cumblast when I jerk off to the thought. It would be even better if finished with a strapon rape at the end by a number of dommes.

  • These are great pictures! Never saw them before. Have to study them slowly in detail! ;) They create a whole world out of fetishes. I particularly like the inspiration of 1950s fashion photography for some of the authoritarian female figures. The two pictures where the 1950s fashionable young woman and the older woman (daughter and mother?) come home to find hubby stroking to a girdle, leading to his spanking by the mother-in-law, are fantastic! Sexy and funny too.

    Thanks for posting these, Eudaimonic.

  • smartarse

    these women are fantastic, not the pretendie looking doms as is quite common, you really would like to be under their control

  • Wilma

    I really enjoyed the artwork especially how larger full figured dominate females were shown. I love to serve plump women and it is such an honor when they allow me to kiss their beautiful asses. It was so wonderful for me to learn that I was not the only one who wanted to put on a maid’s outfit and serve a powerful dominate woman. My heart would flutter with excitement and anticipation when she walked past me.


  • laian1976

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria

    I do love these. Being an older woman, and a little on the hefty side myself. It is good to show that being pretty and young is not necessary to be a Mistress.

    • Chachi

      Dear Ms. Gloria,
      I was raised by mature senior women mother, grandmother, and my “aunts” (mother’s lady friends that I called “auntie” out of respect.
      It is very exciting for me to see a young man and a mature woman..takes me back to my youth, there was one drawing of a mature woman with a strapon and a young man bottom up laying in bed while she was making a call..I would welcome that encounter.
      NOt a young lady with a svelt figure but a mature woman, I am very comfortable with that….
      Bless your heart ma’am, you are one of the best…

  • dimwittol

    Gloria, you are the woman of my dreams. Older, “heftier” woman are the best. And Maxim has illustrated some of my favorite situations, thanks Maxim. While “fetish wear” has its appeals, I really enjoy a woman in slightly dressy but every day street clothes. After some exertion, she might undress down to the every day long line foundation garments with stockings and heels. Boots can be OK, the kind she might wear on the street.

    I enjoy best a woman who becomes sexually aroused by dominating her sub, as opposed to one who is working out other non-sexual psychological needs, ie. just the need to be in charge, workingoff frustrations at men in general etc. though that is a part. Of course my arousal is not important to her unless it increases hers. She of course is not interested in relieving my arousal, any thing I do to relieve hers should not relieve mine. She seeks relief else where and tells me so.

    Often when people use the term living “The Life Style” they mean dungeons and chains and whips and fetish wear, etc. To me the drawing of the man in the shop with his mistress and shop attendant epitomizes the Life Style, living it means living it day to day in the most mundane activities. He will pay for her items of course, the attendant is aware of the situation as the mistress will choose some items that are obviously in his size.

  • Mil

    This is just great artwork …thanks for posting them- keep up the great work

  • Revisiting these pictures today…somebody clicked to my link above, and came to my blog, and I followed the link back here again.

    I just love the variety of gestures, expressions, poses, and situations! What an assortment of dommes…really some kind of femdom fantasy paradise! Girdles really are soooo sexy…especially on these ladies in command!

    • This set of pictures was gave me a much clearer appreciation of how exciting and erotic men find this kind of material.

      • Yes, Richard, these pictures are something special. Also some of the women’s poses (mostly where they’re clothed) seem inspired by images from 1950s fashion photography, and when I look at that type of photo in vintage magazines, I have been struck by how femdomish the models sometimes appear. So it’s easy to see how they could inspire actual modern erotica of this kind. The women in the photos actually sometimes look like they have humiliation scenarios in mind–unless that’s just my hindsight way of interpreting them–which is also possible and likely! ;)

        • Postscript: what I meant to say above in the first sentence of my last reply, but couldn’t find the words: these pictures have that “labor of love” quality that is often a characteristic of the most memorable erotica. Or at least most memorable to me!

  • Sissy maid Krister

    Wonderful pictures. Strong elder women makes me feel SOOO maid. I love corsets and wear them every day under my dresses or skirts and blouses. They make me feel so feminine and also a part of the elder womens world.

  • petal

    Thank youarette very much for posting this set of pics. i love everything about them. Have a cigarette fetish, and although I am not a big lover of cigarette holders, to see a lady holding a cigarette whilst punishing, especially over the knee spanking is such a turn on for me. The pic where the lady has the guy over her knee while smoking her cigarette is for me just so wonderful and most probably, after many years of looking, the only pic I have seen where the lady is smoking a cigarette, while spanking a naughty boy over her knee.

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