Sub Hubby in the Kitchen

Mistress Wife says:

It’s Mum. She’ll let herself in. I’ve invited her over to see the sweet little maid you’ve become.”

Sub hubby baking.

So you do wish you were a pie-baking sissymaid?

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  • bob

    I myself tend to like the domestic scenes where men do housework while thier wives relax.But i wish that the artists would concentrate less on cross dressing .

    I realse that deifferent people hav e different tastes .and id be the last one to say that my own sexual tastes are better or worse then anyone’s elses.Nor do i have anything against cross dressers.
    It just seems to me that this is why most women get turned off by the idea of “femdom” or “wife led Marriages”. They envision themselves having to dress up in uncomfortable leather outfits , while thier husband dresses up as a sissy maid.

    I think that a lot more women would be attracted to femdom , or the idea of a Wife-Led -Marriage, if they could envision a shirtless[or naked] hunk doing the dishes and other household chores, as they [the wife]relax . Being fed grapes or fanned by a shirtless or naked hunk, is one of the oldest female fantasies.

    Ive never dated or known a woman that didnt lik e her husband to do the housework.And im guessing that more then a few wouldnt mind him waiting on her hand and foot. But i doubt whther most would want him dressed as a sissy maid.

    Im no t criticising cross dressing or sissy maids. i just wish that more femdom artists would try to make thier artowrk a little more realistic.

    Artists like Underling,Red Rump, and Banjo do an excellent job of mixing femdom fantasy with domestic reality. I wish that more femdom artists would

    • Dorei

      That might be true for every piece of femdom-related content online (and in print media also). Someone might think “that’s how femdom really is and must be”. But that is – as always – superficial: You can’t show all aspects on one picture or explain them in one story.

      Those artists make pics showing femdom AND cross-dressing or feminization. You named others, that show another approach to femdom. So there is something for everyone.

      • Yeah, I know.

        I’m sometimes caught up in how the stereotypical images – I enjoy them myself – shape too many guys’ images of what male submission is.

        But those imperfections are inevitable.

        • Dorei

          Aw, I guess most of the images here are very “lightweight” compared to more extreme pictures on other sites. And those images (and stories) very often shape so many peoples images of femdom, male submission and other things. The internet is full of stories ’bout forced feminization, castration, cuckolding… there are so many different things. Fantasies. Mostly nothing more. That is okay – fiction is fiction, reallife is reallife.

          • I’ve supplied the web with a fair quota of harsh material myself. I’m not ashamed of that. My own mind is a mix of the tender and the terrifying.

            And really Know that the art and prose aren’t culpable if some folks confuse them for guidelines for real life.

            I’m just subject to spasms of silly scruple.


  • whyguys

    On the other hand, there does seem to be a great increase in younger Females desirous of seeing feminized submission in males with whom they relate. And the idea of role reversal would naturally touch more and more to include reflections in dress as well as Female control of relationships becomes closer to the norm… it’s been merely 70 years or so of sex role change and see how far it’s gone already.

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