Femdom Artists

Helpless Sissy Slaves

Sissy slaves helpless in bondage.

The choice is yours You can have it relatively easy and submit to what we have in mind for you.
Everything OK Melanie?
Fine chief. Meek as a lamb after a week on punishment block.

Sissyboy Slave Helpless in Bondage

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3 comments to Helpless Sissy Slaves

  • whyguys

    Interesting bondage scene. As you label it ‘Helpless Sissy Slaves’, I assume both bound figures are male. If so, this would be a truly terrifying foreshadowing for the male who has not yet been transformed – being forced to see the outcome planned for him of total unmanning and feminization.

  • Anonymous

    This can happen to any man at any time

  • Sni

    “Or you can have it done the hard way, In the end it’ll still end the same way.
    Your days as a man are over as of now slave, Learn to live with it.”

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