Mechanical Spanking Devices

Every young masochist – feverish with a desire for pain – wishes he (or she) could self-inflict corporal punishment.

This cartoon features the Whackomatic 2000. Tie your guy up and walk away while he gets his due.

Machine Spanks Man

This enterprising schematic drawing shows a device by which a man can literally kick himself. Since the masochist has to supply the power with his arms it is easy to see how this might appeal to a nicely nasty sadist.

Automated Kicking Machine

From 1900 comes two patent drawings for a Lifting and Spanking Machine.

Automated Spanking Machine

Mechanical Spanking Machine

Given the vintage of the drawing I thought it might be yet another scheme to prevent masturbation. But a precis of the patent says:

This invention relates to devices employed in initiating applicants for menbership in secret organizations, and it has for its objective to provide a device of this class which is known as a spanking-machine, the construction being such that the applicant will be struck with a paddle and at the same time will be given an electric shock, the mechanism being thrown into operation by the applicant himself.

Fraternity and sorority hazing fantasies are pretty common. Maybe masochists of earlier days had lodge joining fantasies.

Yeah, I know: there are no women operating any of these spanking devices. Sorry about that.

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